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It's been literally YEARS since the last time that I've made a journal. Like, since 2011 xD
It's just that I'm not really active here. I'm more active on Tumblr :3c

Anyways: :iconsol-latiar: tagged me for this (thank you a lot ;w; ) so... bring it~ >:3

1. Favourite Pokemon? (reusing this question cos its a fun question)
Cubone has been my fav for a looooooong time now~ because, well, personal stuff actually xD

2. do you have any amiibo? are you hooked on em?
Nope, I dont have an Amiibo, but that doesn't mean I don't want one ;w; I want a King Dedede and I'll be looking like crazy for Mewtwo when it cames out xD

3. What would you normally do when hanging out with friends? Game? Go out someplace? etc
We usually go to the movies, eat dinner and/or play videogames all day long just to finish it with going to a friends house~

4. Any current youtubers you're into right now?
Gbay99 is actually a youtuber I really like watching. Started out with league of legends commentaries but later made personal advise & interesting videos~ but still makes league content semi-regularly. A really good influence for me -w-
Also Markiplier and PBS Game/show & PBS Idea Channel 
5. Ever watched anime? if so, what's your fave?
I never finished more than 30 episodes of any anime I tried to watch ;_; but I started watching show by rock! some days ago and I really want to finish it :3 Also monster musume but shhh nobody should now about it

6. How close are you to your local Game shop? And how do you get there?
Like... 45 minutes away I guess? 

7. Hows your luck? Very lucky or very unlucky?
I'm reeeeeeeeeally lucky when it comes to low-chance probabilities. For both good & bad stuff xD

8. What's your favourite element? Fire, Ice, etc
Ever since Avatar tla (and Pokemon) earth/ground has been my fav element~

9. Were you a lego lover as a kid? Are you still into lego?
I LOVE LEGOS! Bionicle if you want to be more specific. And yus I still love them -w-

10. What kind of movies do you prefer? 2D? 3D? or live action?
2D animation movies, because as an expression fan I can easily feel connected to a character's expressions that way.

And that's the last one, woooooo! c:

Tagging time:
just kidding, I don't have people to tag ;-;
But if you want to do this anyways (which I highly doubt), let me now so if this miracle happens again I can tag you~ ;3


Hey editor, Im undeniable

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